About Us

Lasergen, Inc. is an emerging biotechnology company focused on commercializing novel chemistry for life science solutions.  Our expertise in nucleotide chemistry and next-generation sequencing has led to a number of key discoveries resulting in both game-changing sequencing chemistry (Lightning Terminators™) and an accurate sequencing platform.  While focusing on the development of current cutting-edge technology, our continued drive for innovation and extensive nucleotide chemistry knowledge allows us to rapidly evolve and keep pace with fast-changing advances in the life science industry.


Founded in 2002. Lasergen initially worked to achieve important structural changes to reversible terminators could allow for a faster, more accurate sequencing chemistry. This discovery resulted in the development of Lightning Terminators which enable fast, inexpensive, and accurate next-generation sequencing. We are currently commercializing a sequencing platform to take advantage of the specialized nature and unleash the potential of the Lightning Terminators. Recent developments to the Lightning Terminators have expanded the applications of our unique chemistry to include advantages to antigen detection and transcriptomics.

Lasergen has headquarters in Houston ideally situated near the Texas Medical Center and recently opened an office in San Diego.  These two locations allow Lasergen to work with top scientists in nucleotide chemistry and genomics. We have participated in strategic collaborations, technology development, and license agreements with leading innovators including a number of top universities.