Mimi Healy, PhD – CEO

Dr. Healy has more than 20 years of healthcare, molecular diagnostics and biotechnology experience in both US and international markets. Dr. Healy pulls from a broad experience base having served roles in research and development, commercialization and executive management in both startup and established organizations in the past. Her experience includes all aspects of strategic development and implementation, corporate finance and fundraising, product development from research to the clinical validation and the successful market launch of molecular diagnostic systems and test kits. Her last position as President and CEO resulted in the successful financing of a start-up and its profitable exit via acquisition. Her product development skills have placed numerous commercial assays in the market. She serves on several grant review boards, has published in various scientific journals, authored several chapters and filed/received patents. Dr. Healy holds a PhD in Microbiology, MS in Biology, BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, and BA in Psychology of Industry and Organizations.

Timothy Burcham, PhD – CTO

Dr. Burcham has more than 28 years of experience in the life sciences industry. He has extensive experience in the development of instrumentation for protein and DNA analysis including multiple sequencing systems.  Specifically, Dr. Burcham was an integral part of the team at Lynx Therapeutics that developed and commercialized the massively parallel signature sequencing technology. Then, he led Genetic Analysis research and development at Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies) where he drove the effort to find, develop and commercialize the SOLiD and 5500 next-generation sequencing systems. Dr. Burcham also has experience developing several FDA approved systems and diagnostic assays, and most recently has led the bioinformatics and software development efforts for large, production clinical labs at Sequenom and Trovagene. Dr. Burcham holds a PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics from the University of California Davis and completed post-doctoral studies at Stanford University.

Stacie Frye, PhD – VP, Commercial Operations

Dr. Frye has over 15 years of experience in the biotechnology industry.  Through her positions at both start-up companies and large corporations, she has experience in technical sales & marketing, field support, regulatory, product development and commercialization. In her previous role of Director of Product Support and Marketing, she managed all aspects of the customer experience including management of a number of successful collaborations and evaluations with both domestic and international KOLs. As a part of software development projects, she worked as a knowledge engineer focused on integrating laboratory practices into software user interface and software testing.  Dr. Frye holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Rice University and a BS in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico State University.

Weidong Wu, PhD – Director, Chemistry 

Dr. Wu is an expert in synthetic organic chemistry with extensive experience in nucleic acids chemistry (heterocyclic bases, modified sugars, nucleosides, phosphoramidites, oligonucleotides, nucleotides), along with experience in phosphoro-organic chemistry, chemo-enzymatic synthesis and fluorescent dye labeling. He received his post-doctoral training at Purdue University and his PhD from Peking University. He has published over ten research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and is co-inventor of multiple patents.

Cheryl Smith – Operations Manager

Ms. Smith has over 10 years of experience in operations including manufacturing and commercialization, pilot production and scale-up.  She has operated under a regulated environment, established and implemented QA/QC processes, and managed both QA/QC and regulatory operations.