Emerging Applications

Advantages in emerging life sciences markets

Versatile Lightning Terminators™ show potential in a wide range of life science applications ranging from research to therapeutics.  Lasergen is currently collaborating with a number of research groups on exciting new technologies.


Lasergen, working alongside innovative collaborators, has explored and demonstrated specialty applications for Lightning Terminators in the field of transcriptomics, including probe-based applications with the added capability of cleaving and re-probing the label.

Synthetic DNA

Lightning Terminators’ compatibility with commercial DNA polymerases provides a cost-effective, sustainable mechanism for DNA and RNA synthesis.  As opposed to the harsh chemicals that are currently used, the polymerase-based approach limits DNA damage and has the potential to offer increased length and fidelity.


Modified Lightning Terminators have potential as therapeutic agents due to their chain-terminating mechanisms. Diseases that rely on DNA synthesis, such as retroviral infections and cancers, may be inhibited when a terminating nucleotide is strategically incorporated into a growing DNA strand. Lightning Terminators could have similar properties to current the drug classes Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI), used in anti-retroviral therapies, and Nucleoside Analogs, used for cancer treatment.

We are always interested in collaborating with scientists working on exciting new technologies.  Please contact us if you are interested in exploring more applications of our unique chemistry.