Image Processing

Precision through robust image analysis

Proper analysis of raw images is critical for accurate data extraction from both next-generation sequencing and next-generation histology results.  Using their advanced capabilities with complex image analysis, the Lasergen software development team has created innovative analysis pipelines to reproducibly and precisely translate raw images into industry-standard results.

Next-generation sequencing

Our proven NGS analysis pipeline accurately identifies and assembles sequencing reads by combining the results of multiple color images in each sequencing cycle.  The results are provided in a FastQ file containing base calls and standard quality values.

Next-generation histology

The NGH analysis pipeline will be able to align and layer multiple raw images to deliver multi-color images, primarily of tissue sections.  The colors will be aligned and normalized to provide accurate detection and co-localization of target molecules.  The automated pipeline will provide high-resolution images in less time than alternative multiplex detection alternatives.