Customized solutions to enhance Lasergen chemistry

Lasergen’s top-notch team of engineers develop platforms that meet the exact specifications for our unique chemistry.  With expertise in fluidics and optics, we have developed prototype platforms to serve two next-generation markets: sequencing and histology.

Next-Generation Sequencing

The Lasergen NGS platform provides automated sequencing by integrating modules for fluidics, imaging, and thermal control with unique specifications to provide efficient photocleavage of the Lightning Terminators (Hertzog, 2011).  Our prototype instruments have demonstrated Lightning Terminator-based sequencing with a high level of accuracy, reproducibility and reliability.

Next-Generation Histology

The Lasergen NGH platform contains modules similar to those used in sequencing.  However, the instrument specifications are designed to support the specialized fluidics and customized flow chambers required for tissue staining. The automated instrument enables the washing, incubation and photocleavage steps required for multiplex and serial staining of a single tissue slide with limited hands-on time. The state-of-the-art platform transforms the laborious, time-consuming, and minimally-controlled tissue staining process into an efficient, automated and precise workflow requiring minimal human intervention.