Lightning Terminators

Innovative chemistry for life science solutions

Lasergen’s key technology, Lightning Terminators™, provides unique photocleavable terminator chemistry with faster reaction kinetics and robust cleavage properties.  The benefits extend beyond their original design in enhanced next-generation sequencing to include applications in genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics.

Enhanced Structural Modifications

Lightning Terminators are designed with specialized modifications that increase performance over conventional reversible terminators.  Our published data indicate that Lightning Terminators incorporation is as accurate than natural nucleotides with fast incorporation and cleavage kinetics (Gardner 2012, Litosh 2011).

The difference in our chemistry derives from the location of the functional groups in the nucleotide.  Reversible terminators generally have two separate functional groups: the terminating group and the label.  Lightning Terminators are designed such that the terminating group is attached to a hydroxymethyl handle on the nucleotide base (Stupi 2013). This attachment leaves the 3’-OH free and results in a more conserved nucleotide structure than conventional reversible terminators.  The similarity of Lightning Terminators to natural nucleotides provides for accurate and faster incorporation using natural DNA polymerases.  Read more about how these modifications can provide better sequencing results.

Unique Photochemical Cleavage

The Lightning Terminators excel in applications requiring clean removal of the dye following imaging. The position of the photocleavage functional group allows removal of both the dye and terminating groups with a single step leaving a structure similar to natural nucleotides with virtually no molecular scar.  The Lightning Terminators cleavage site is designed to respond to photochemical cleavage thereby reducing the need for specialized enzymes or harsh chemicals.  Read more about how photocleavage provides an advantage for sequencing, antigen detection and expanded applications

We would love to discuss additional applications for Lightning Terminators.  Contact us for custom opportunities.